School Building

The school surrounded by the canopies of verdant trees creates a tranquil environment for the students to assimilate knowledge.


Block B - A four-storeyed building

Block B is a four-storeyed building catering to all the other classes and houses the Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Computer laboratories. Art room is nestled in a silent corner for the children to give wings to their aesthetic and creative learnings. Music room with its array of musical instruments is oft frequented by aspiring young musicians.

Play Ground

At HAL Public School, education means creating good citizens

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Class Rooms

Learning is effective in spacious and open atmosphere. With this in mind the school provides the students with airy and well-ventilated classrooms. The Display Boards in the classrooms play a significant role in enhancing the learning of the students.

Physics Lab

Experiment is the test of knowledge. It is the sole judge of scientific ‘truth’. Laboratory work is essential in the study of Physics.

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Biology Lab

The study of biology provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. A spacious and well-equipped laboratory with, models and equipments provides an ambience for the students to develop scientific temperament by enhancing their observation skills and analytical abilities.

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Chemistry Lab

The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with various reagents and apparatus required to acquaint the students with various theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Laboratory is a novel concept which enables students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems. The laboratory has been setup with the intention to stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards mathematics, among the students.


Computer Science Lab

Two computer science laboratories with networking facilities provide computer education to all the students from classes I to XII, giving hands on experience to all. The State of the art computer science laboratory with internet access to students and teachers allow them to explore the new realms of technology

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The main aim of the school library is to instill love for books, generate interest in using them for more learning and inculcate the habit of reading as a slow and deliberate process.

The library houses more than 8,000 books which include general reference, subject reference, autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction, periodicals and magazines. The library also has a digital section which is stocked with informative and entertaining CD’s and DVD’s for enhanced learning.

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Compulsory sports, play a crucial role in bringing about a holistic development of the students. Theoretical knowledge is imparted along with training for athletic events and both indoor and outdoor games. The sports room has equipments for games like chess, carrom, table-tennis, badminton, cricket, throw ball, basket ball, volley ball and football which can cater to many classes at a time.

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