The school follows the CBSE pattern.

I, II English, Kannada, Hindi, Math, EVS
III English, Kananda, Hindi, Math, EVS
IV & V English, Kananda, Hindi, Math, Science, Social Science


The focus in the primary section is from academic activities towards enrichment of the total personality of the learners and to facilitate them to address to various facets of learning encompassing the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

Regular classes in Art and Craft, Music, Work Experience and Physical Education and Value Education empower the emotional intelligence and improve the creative abilities of the learners.

The teachers play the role of facilitators enabling the students to learn in a joyful environment.


Assessment of a student is a yearlong continuous process which is carried out on the basis of scholastic and co-scholastic aspect.

Periodical assessments and activities are conducted to observe and evaluate the student’s progress in academics. Grades are awarded for the class activities, assignments, tests and projects in each subject. In languages, the students are also assessed on their listening, speaking and writing skills. Emphasis is also laid on their handwriting and spellings

In Co-scholastic area, grades are awarded in Computer Science, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Value Education, Physical Education and Music.

CBSE pattern emphasizes on the overall development of each child. Keeping this in mind the student is also graded on his / her personality traits which include leadership quality, creativity, self-confidence, attitudes, values, co-ordination & participation and personal hygiene. Utmost care is taken that each student is encouraged and appreciated for all his /her efforts.