HAL Public School was the vision of the then Chairman of HAL, Bangalore, Dr. Krishnadas Nair, who wanted to establish a CBSE school for the benefit of the HAL employees. It became a reality in the year 1999. The school was started on 16th June 1999 with Mrs. Shobha Rajiv at its helm, 7 staff members and 67 students.

It was the toil of the then Chairman of HAL Township Education Committee Mr. B. Chatterji, the Vice Chairman, Mr. V. M. Chamola and the Secretary, Mr. P.D. Diwakara, that the school got its affiliation in 2001.


In the present times, when the world is becoming ONE, the definition of Education is changing. It encompasses academics along with sports and co-curricular activities, placing them all at the same plane in a vibrant environment. Therefore it becomes imperative to break away from the traditional way of imparting education.

At HAL Public School it is our endeavor to bring about the holistic development of each child equipping him with the key 21st century skills. The students are given ample opportunities to recognize and hone their latent talents. This pandemic has taught us that life is a roller coaster with unexpected twists and turns. Our foremost aim is to groom the students for their lifetime, to stand unabashed to face any situation with grit and determination.

It is often said, “A school is a second home.” A second home it is, because here we leave no stone unturned to instill a great value system in our children. It helps the students to understand the perspective of life in a better way and lead a successful life as a responsible citizen

We shall be better in accomplishing this humongous task with the constant support of the management and the parents.